Robert Carlyle (born April 14 1961) is a Scottish actor. Born in Maryhill, Glasgow and raised by a single father, Carlyle has become a household name with roles in such films as Trainspotting, The Full Monty, The World Is Not Enough, and 28 Weeks Later. Currently, he stars in ABC's Once Upon a Time.
Current Projects

  • Once Upon a Time

Genre: Fantasy-Drama
Role: Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold
Year: 2011 - Present
Status: Fridays - 8:00 PM ET/7:00 CT

  • T2: Trainspotting 2

Genre: Drama
Role: Francis Begbie
Year: 2017
Status: Completed

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With Kids
Robert is an ambassador for With Kids. This organization works with vulnerable children and families in Scotland. Show your support for Robert and With Kids by donating today!
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School for Life Romania
Robert is a patron of School For Life Romania. This organization provides Scoala Pentru Viata in Romania with financial support, skill sharing opportunities and advice. Show your support for Robert and School for Life Romania by donating today!
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Memorable Character Quotes
Posted by: Kris on December, 6th in

Armed robbery. With a replica. I mean, how the fuck can it be armed robbery with a fucking replica?

Gaz: I’ve got a degree in ass wiggling, mate.

What rhymes with Rebecca?
Plunkett: Pecker. How’s your old, uh…?
Macleane: Ah. Much better. Thank you.
Plunkett: Good.
Macleane: Yes. You know, I think it’s actually got bigger, if you can imagine such a thing.
Plunkett: I’d rather not.

Morality. The last bastion of a coward.

You can’t kill me, I’m already dead.
James Bond: Oh yeah, not dead enough for me.

It’s poor I am. It’s unlucky I am. But it’s useless I am not.

FORMULA 51 (2001)
Felix: [after Elmo arrives to the airport, opening the trunk of the car and there’s the dead chemist] Arrgh, What’s this?
Frederick: It’s Lawrence!
Felix: I see it’s Lawrence, but what happened?
Frederick: You told me to take care of him.

Felix: Ah, shit! I meant to take care of him, not fuckin’ take care of him!
Felix: Oh, bollocks!
Elmo: Dog’s bollocks?
Felix: No, just plain fucking bollocks!
Elmo: No dog involved?

Rumplestiltskin: I’m lame, friendless… The only thing I’ve got is my boy, and they’re going to take him away from me. If they take him away, I will truly—truly become dust.
-Episode 8: Desperate Souls

Mr. Gold: So, now that we’re being honest with each other, let’s remember how things used to be, shall we? And don’t let these bars fool you, dear; I’m the one with the power around here. I’m gonna be out of here in no time, and nothing between us will change.
-Episode 12: Skin Deep

Rumplestiltskin: Evil isn’t born, dearie, it’s made.
-Episode 16: Heart of Darkness

Mr. Gold: When they say I charge an arm and a leg, that’s matters of figurative speech.
-Episode 5: The Doctor

Mr. Gold: And once one controls something, one no longer need fear it.
-Episode 7: Child of the Moon